Our weekend was filled with a lot of ups and downs; mostly happy customers but some not-so-happy customers too. It was our first weekend of Papa Jake’s Seafood being open and we were super excited about every little part. Opening this food truck was something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Papa Jake has always had a passion for cooking, and with his Louisiana background, he really knows how to add flavor to any dish- especially his famous boiled crawfish! Friends and family have always shown support and love for his food, and now that he can provide delicious food to his customers, words cannot express how we all feel.

We started off rocking on Friday. The folks at Silo Park in Prosper, Texas agreed, “What a great weekend! If you were there, you know we experienced some record crowds!” We couldn’t believe how many people were there enjoying the music, the people, and the food. It was a great atmosphere! We picked up the pace on Saturday. It’s a learning experience, and we definitely got things done at a much faster speed. By Sunday, we were ready to go and having a blast until the hail storm hit. We’re just glad everyone made it home safe after a day at the Silos.

Check out what people were saying!
“We are a Cajun Family, and Papa Jakes is by far the best we’ve had! Perfectly seasoned! He has such a great setup…. the shrimp, corn, sausage and crawfish were ALL amazing! We will def be back! The kids also loved running around playing at Silo Park!” – Sarah Courrege

“Perfect seasoning on the crawfish! We will be back.” – David Lavoie Jr.

“Great crawfish! Real Louisiana flavor.” – Dalton LeBleu

“Get your tastebuds ready!” – Amy Crawford

“Best seafood in Dallas! Jake knows how to make em!” – Phillip Goodwin