We appreciate all the calls and texts going into this next crawfish season. It was a difficult decision but unfortunately, we’ve closed Mel’s Seafood Shack. The reason being, we outgrew the food truck and would need to move into a larger, full-time brick and mortar building which we aren’t prepared to handle with our current full-time jobs and personal lives.

It was a successful business and a true labor of love! We will miss the fun of boiling, the smell of the seasoning, and all the great people we met!
We really appreciate all the support over the years, the kind words about our product, and the fun times at the Shack. We will miss it all!” Mel’s Seafood

Mel’s Seafood was in Houston, Texas and definitely a fan favorite. People all over Texas raved about their seafood! Melinda and Melissa started the business together and having to sell it was probably the most difficult decision they’ve ever had to make.

Papa Jake’s Seafood is ready to carry on the traditions that were established by Mel’s Seafood, bringing deep Louisiana flavors to Texas. Are you ready for our grand opening? We look forward to seeing you there!